Individual Peel-off markers on a card - Gas products


Also available in single marker roll form

European style self adhesive individual pipe markers on peel off backing card for pipes containing Gas Products - Various widths available. Please select desired card size and product from drop-downs below. Direction arrows can be easily removed to suit flow direction.

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Self-adhesive 'peel-off card' individual Pipe Markers.  Manufactured from B-7548 white preprinted polyester overlaminated film with a permanent rubber based, pressure sensitive adhesive with a clear polyester top coat.  Ideal material to suit smaller diameter pipes.  Service temperature from -40 degrees C to +90 degrees C. Average outdoor durability approx 5 years.  B-7548 gives excellent adhesion to low surface energy surfaces such as polotpropylene, and ABS as well as on most powder coated surfaces.  




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