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Welcome to Pipe Marking Solutions, a division of Site Safe Solutions Ltd.

We specialise in pipe identification and pipe marking solutions that will ensure your business complies will all relevant UK and International standards. We offer British Standard Pipe Markers, European Pipe Markers, Pipe Banding Tape, GHS Symbols, Isolation, Valve and Pipe Tagging, and pipe and valve accessories.  We also offer a full design and customisation service ensuring that you have the correct markers for your site.

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 workplace identification specialists  selling BS1710 Pipe Markers and Pipe Identification Markers

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 Contact us at Pipe Marking Solutions for advice on identifying the correct pipe identification solution for your facility.




Pipe Identification Service

Not sure how many pipe markers you need?  We offer a specialist calculation service should you need assistance calculating the quantities of markers required for your facility.

With over 30 years of industry experience across all industries and continents, we have a thorough understanding of safety solutions and products to help enhance your sites' safety.  We can use this knowledge to assist both large and small clients with our consultancy services. We have worked with distilling, beer and soft drinks producers,  waste material handling, manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical companies and can help make your site safer and more efficient.

We are also many years of experience supplying visual tagging and identification products and can design solutions that are custom fitted to your operations. We can review your schematics, calculate dimensions and provide all the assistance you need to keep your business in line with BS1710:2014 regulations or equivalent European Norms. Site Safe Solutions provide consulting services in Scotland and the UK.

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British Made

The majority of our products at Site Safe Solutions are made in the United Kingdom. You will be supporting British business when you purchase from us.

Pipe Identification Markers selling BS1710 Pipe Markers and BS ISO1472 Pipe Markers

Quality Products

We only supply professional, high quality pipe markers. Our Pipe Identification Markers are manufactured to meet both indoor and outdoor environments.

Pipe Identification Markers selling BS1710 Pipe Markers and BS ISO1472 Pipe Markers

Industry Specialists

At Site Safe Solutions we have over 30 years of experience working within the health and safety sector. You can rely on us to help you safeguard your employees and operations.



Why Pipe Identification Is Essential for Your Business

The Health & Safety (Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996 Part 3 require all employers to identify all pipes within their facility. Several norms exist across Europe, which indicate how pipes should be identified. The law stipulates that pipes transporting dangerous and hazardous substances must be identified with the relevant danger symbol and the name of the hazardous or dangerous substance. 

Pipe markers should be applied at frequent intervals on straight pipe runs. They also need to be visible either side of a wall or floors or ceilings where pipes pass through, at changes of direction and either side of any valves. Pipe identification will reduce the risk of dangerous accidents, improve your business operations and can reduce your insurance costs.

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 If you need help identifying and selecting the right pipe markers for your business contact us at Site Safe Solutions.

 workplace identification specialists  selling BS1710 Pipe Markers and Pipe Identification Markers

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