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Indoor /outdoor quality British Standard BS1710:2014 pipe markers for pipes containing waste or drainage products. From as little as £9.50 per roll. These self-adhesive, peel-off backing liner pipe markers are manufactured to offer approximately 5 years outdoor life expectancy (8-10 years indoor) under normal atmospheric conditions. Various lengths and widths available. Please select roll length, width and product from the drop-down lists below.

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Our British Standard pipe markers meet all requirements under BS1710:2014 and utilise colour codes in accordance with BS4800.  Manufactured from gloss white, self adhesive vinyl, or polyester with permanent printed UV stabilised inks and a clear gloss overlaminate, these materials give excellent adhesion to low surface energy surfaces, such as polypropylene and ABS and most powder coated surfaces. 

Pipe Marker Rolls are available in 3 widths -  130mm for pipes under 50mm in diameter, 275mm for pipes between 50mm and 100mm in diameter and 450mm for pipes greater than 150mm in diameter 

Roll lengths are supplied in lengths of 1.25mtr, 15mtr and 30mtr.

These markers are classed as 'Indoor/Outside' quality markers and are manufactured to offer a around years life expectancy under normal atmospheric conditions.  Indoor use has proven 8-10 years is many cases.

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The use of BS1710:2014 pipe markers will ensure compliance and increase plant safety. These pipe markers are a combination of 2 or 3 colours, indicating:

  • Basic identification Colour (substance group flowing through the pipe)
  • Code Indication Colour (substance indicator)
  • Safety Colour (indicating Safety group)

If you need assistance calculating how many pipe markers you need or which specific markers you require, contact us at Site Safe Solutions. We have over 30 years of experience in health and safety and can provide a full review of your schematics. We can calculate and advise on which pipe markers you need and quantities, to ensure you stay compliant.

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