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Pipe Identification and Pipe Marking Solutions

We supply British Standard Makers, European Style Markers, Marine Pipe Markers, Pipe Banding Tapes, Flow Direction Tapes, GHS Symbols and accessories. Everything you need to clearly identify your pipes, stay compliant and enhance safety around your plant.


Our Services - Design & Installation

Marker Design Service & Marker Installation Service

At Pipe Marking Solutions (part of Site Safe Solutions Ltd) we have nearly three decades of experience working in the health and safety industry. We have a complete understanding of pipe identification which allows us to provide a specialist consultancy service for businesses who need assistance in this area.  We recognise that applying your pipe markers can be challenging in relation to location, access and height issues.  Our operators are fully qualified in IPAF 3a & 3b Dual Mobile Elevated Working Platform machines as well as PASMA Tower Erection, Inspection and Use, ensuring that we can come to site and apply your markers competently and safely.



We will help you ensure that your business is safe, secure and compliant.

Keeping compliant with Health & Safety (Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996 Part 3 can be complicated at the best of times. You will need pipe identification markers every 7-15 metres. You will also need identification markers at valves and turns or if pipework goes through walls and ceiling. 

We are experts in visual tagging and design solutions and can undertake a full review of your P&ID schematics. This will enable us to calculate how many markers you will need and advise the right products for your site. We offer custom pipe markers and can tailor these to suit your specific application. 

Pipe Marking and Identification





Why Use Our Site Survey & Installation Service?

  • We are experts in Pipe Identification and Safety Tagging  with over 26 years experience.
  • We develop design solutions custom fitted to your operation.
  • We are experienced project managers with a proven track record of delivery on time.
  • We have a complete understanding of equipment identification.
  • We are hands on, and will work with your teams to understand their challenges.
  • We can implement training to support engagement with your workforce.




Who We Work With

We work extensively with food and beverage companies such as brewers, distillers, soft drink manufacturers and food producers. We have provided solutions for Heineken, Diagio, Coca Cola, Kraft Foods, Pepsico, Walkers and other similarly sized companies.

We have also worked with a number of manufacturing businesses and utility companies to help them identify hazardous products running through pipelines on their site as part of their manufacturing process

Work With Us






 If you need help identifying and selecting the right pipe markers for your business contact us at Pipe Marking Solutions

(part of Site Safe Solutions Ltd).

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